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Sateye develops, manufactures and market a series of robust tracking units under the trademark of Sateye used in trucks, containers, trailers, cars, boats, construction machineries, valuable transporters and equipment to be monitored and controlled from a distance in 4 different continents all over the world. Our enhanced Sateye units are chock proof and the only units known to be suitable for installation on construction stumpers and jack hammers. Sateye OEM units meet BS standards for electronic equipment to be used in automotive industry.


Sateye's software engineers have since early 2000 developed a comprehensive and proprietary software called Foxgate. Foxgate is used in alarm and surveillance centers, control rooms and Network Operating Centers (NOC) and even fleet managers equipped with a simple PC. Foxgate is used for security, technical and emergency assistance, operations optimisations, maintenance management and a verity of other purposes. Foxgate is a modular and flexible software suitable to be used with tracking units from almost all GSM/GPS tracker manufacturers as well as a number of GSM independent units that work off-line or use different satellite based communication systems.

System integration

Sateye cooperates closely with other reputable HW manufacturers and telecommunication companies to deliver satellite based fleet management systems. Sateye acts as system integrators delivering ICT engineering services and turnkey projects using a number of different satellite systems. Sateye system engineers and wireless experts have extensive experience in designing and implementing tailor-made systems to monitor data from a distance. We work closely with client's technical staff in order to implement SCADA projects for monitoring of technical data and control of remote equipments.
Sateye A/S
Jomfruløkken 4 | 8930 Randers NØ | Denmark
Tlf. +45 86 42 56 00
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